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An advanced and powerful text editor that includes lots of helpful features
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TextPad is an advanced and powerful text editor that includes lots of helpful features. You can use it for purposes as simple as editing a plain-text file (i.e., as a replacement for Notepad), as an HTML editor, or as a programming IDE, as it recognizes and highlights keywords in several programming languages. The program is compatible with all MS Windows versions available at the moment, and it provides installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

The program includes all the features you would find on any standard text editor, plus many additional ones. For example, you can cut, copy, and paste text; print a text file; reduce and increase the indent of a text paragraph; enable or disable the automatic word wrap; show and hide the hidden formatting symbols, and undo and redo any number of actions. Among the advanced features, you can check the spelling of your text in 17 languages, compare text files, sort your text lines, and find and replace specific words or phrases.

One of the most helpful features of TextPad is that it allows you to work on multiple files simultaneously using tabs. You can transfer text from one file to another by simply selecting the text and dragging it with your mouse into another file. Besides, the program includes a side panel that offers multiple functions – there you can enable the document selector to toggle between open files easily, the file explorer to locate the files you want to open without leaving the program, or activate the clipboard manager, which allows you to insert special characters or text portions that you have copied previously. Another key feature of TextPad is the macro recorder, which allows you to record keystroke sequences that you can repeat later with one click.

All in all, TextPad is probably one of the most powerful and practical text editors available out there. However, the program allows you to work with plain-text files only, as it does not support any rich-text formatting, such as bold, italic, and underline effects, or the insertion of images, for example.

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  • Recognizes keywords in several programming languages.
  • Allows you to check the spelling of your text files in 17 languages.
  • Allows you to work on several text files simultaneously.
  • Includes a built-in file navigator.
  • Allows you to record keyboard macros


  • Does not support any rich-text formatting
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