TextPad 8.1

An extremely light feature-rich text editor suitable for programming
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TextPad is an extremely light text editor in the style of Notepad, but with many other features. Despite its simplicity, the tool can help you perform a variety of writing tasks, such as creating memos, programming code, editing lists, etc. At first sight, TextPad’s interface resembles those of other similar tools, so it is highly unlikely that anyone can have trouble to use it. Moreover, there is a convenient side panel that allows you to switch the active documents, which favors working with various texts at the same time.

As said before, TextPad is suitable for many different writing tasks. In this respect, writing programming code is a significant one. To help you in your job, the editor allows adding line numbers and highlights syntax automatically. Similarly, it also provides multiple search and replace options, a lot more than those you can find in other tools of its type. Not only that, you can also configure a specific compiler and thus avoid using the command line.

For general tasks, the application can compare the contents of two documents and find their similarities and differences. It also lets you highlight complete blocks of text and move them to another position within the document. Moreover, it can help you rearrange the text by finding duplicates. Another feature worth-mentioning is the possibility of automating repetitive procedures by recording macros. This way, you can play them back whenever you have to do the same task.

In a nutshell, TextPad may look very simple; yet, it has some powerful features “under the hood”. One of them is that it can efficiently handle huge files without getting stuck. Good news is that this editor has a free unlimited version, which has but an inconvenience: every time you start the tool, it shows a splash screen before it lets you start working with it. It is also nice to know that the paid version has a very reasonable price. It is a pity that it does not support various popular text formats, such as DOC.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple features
  • File comparison
  • Compiler configuration
  • Inexpensive
  • Creation of document classes
  • Unlimited file
  • Flexible
  • Macro recording
  • Document switcher
  • Powerful search and replace features
  • Line numbering


  • Limited range of supported formats
  • Not many predefined classes
  • Spelling as a separate function
  • Separate installers for every language
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