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TextPad is a very small yet powerful text editor with multiple functions
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TextPad is a very small yet powerful text editor. Its applications can be as simple as substituting Notepad but at the same time, it supports much more complex editing operations as those involved in creating web pages or writing programming code. One of its peculiarities is that it supports LaTeX, a widely used composition system oriented for texts containing mathematical formulae.

The application has a multiple document interface, which allows you to edit various documents in different tabs at the same time. Besides, it has an extensive set of customizable ribbons. Using the application is not very difficult; however, it will probably require getting used to it due to the multiple functions available and its differences with other popular text editors.

Besides common editing operations, such as editing, copying and pasting, this program also supports creating tables and comparing two files. In addition, it can check your spelling; what is more, you can download additional dictionaries and spelling checkers from the developer’s site. Likewise, you can download multiple add-ons that expand the editor’s functionalities. An advantage of this app is that you can create document classes and customize your preferences for each class, including color schemes, and there is even a wizard to help you do it. Moreover, the program supports recording routines of keystrokes to create your own macros. Finally, its syntax highlighting feature makes it appropriate for editing code in various programming languages.

The results of your work can be saved in multiple formats, such as TXT, HTML, Java and Javascript. Besides the output formats are compatible with various platforms, including PC, UNIX and Mac, as well as various encoding formats.

In general, TextPad can be very useful to various types of users, including programmers and scientists. However, it is not a general-purpose text processor as it does not support text formatting or adding multimedia contents, such as images and graphics.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It supports creating web pages and write programming code.
  • It allows creating document classes.
  • It supports LaTeX.
  • It can compare two files.
  • It allows macro recording.
  • You can install add-ons.
  • It is very lightweight


  • It does not support text formatting or adding multimedia contents, such as images and graphics
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