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TextPad is a very versatile text editor for Windows computers
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TextPad is a very versatile text editor for Windows computers. Arriving at a comparison between TextPad and Windows' notepad is unavoidable. TextPad has a bunch of features that make it a great text editor for many types of tasks. It has all the basic features of a text editor. You can add text and format it in many ways. But it adds tools so that importing text from other sources is also easy. You can drag text directly into TextPad, which is something you just couldn't do on Notepad.
Also, this application was made with batch edition and processing in mind. Several files can be opened at the same time. It also has features to apply changes to a batch of files at once. There is even support for macro recording and playback, with the addition of arguments. The arguments are the well-known IF and WHEN operators, which allow you to customize your macros thoroughly. Furthermore, opening big files will be faster on TextPad, since it is only limited by the operative system's resources.
The application is translated in several languages and has support for foreign text encoding. There is also support for notes and bookmarks. I like to think of TextPad as a Microsoft Word which is lighter and more to the point. There are many other features included in the package, like hexadecimal editors, spell check in several languages, block operations, and more.
Version 5.3.1 was released with several bug fixes and new features. The most important ones are the addition of text edition in several languages, an improvement of the Find command for text strings, hot keys to access tool settings from TextPad, and an optional toolbar for printing. The bug fixes include some problems with the string ".*$", a font problem when working with the keyboard, and many more.

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  • Hexadecimal editor.
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