TextPad 5.1

Powerful and versatile text editor with extra programming features
3.9  (71 votes)
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Textpad 5.1 is a text editor that can easily replace Windows Notepad. With this application, you can write a simple plain text note or even the encoding of a whole system.
It is perfect for writing HTML, scripts, xml, and even more advanced encoding from vbscript to C++ in order to do further compilation.
Textpad can even edit hexadecimal format files.
Its feature of colour syntax will help you to encode files from bat format to even more advanced encodings, recognizing which library to use according to the file extension.
The application can carry out text selection like paragraphs and blocks, to copy, move, or delete them.
It can search for incomplete blocks and perform the search and replacement using RegEx; or else, it performs spell checking in texts as well as in the source code.
A useful feature of Textpad is macro recording and playing.
It is extremely configurable, to fit your needs, it has a different configuration for every file type that you use.
You will be able to find a complete list of features (if these are not enough) at the developer site.

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  • Powerful but easy to use.
  • Versatile.
  • Full functioning.


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